Mathematics is the way to gnosis, enlightenment, liberation, perfection, apotheosis! eix=cos x+i sin x. e+1=0. 'Know thyself'--Apollo.

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2016-7-16 Winners of the International Mathematical Olympiad were announced.

2016-4-12 The Massachusetts Institute of Technology team won the 76th annual Putnam competition (now won three years in a row.)

2016-3-26 The Neoplatonically enlightened have published The Illuminist Army, Illuminism Contra Discordianism, The Dunciad. They are highly recommended reading!

2016-3-15 Sir Andrew J. Wiles receives the Abel Prize.

2016-3-11 Unexpected biases in the distribution of consecutive primes.

2016-2-26 The first film trailer of The Man Who Knew Infinity, about 1800s to 1900s mathematician from India, Srinivasa Ramanujan, was released.

2016-2-22 Forum has been opened in the left menu's 'Social/Blogs'.

2016-1-30 Chat has been added in the left menu's 'Social/Blogs'.

2016-1-16 This is an update on contacting: software to receive messages wasn't always working the last several months, maybe year (after working on upgrading programs then moving server) until about 2016-17-1 06:00 UTC±00:00/GMT (still the 16th in USA). So, if you've messaged this site in that time, please resend.

2016-1-14 There has been a server update: site moved to a professional server so you may see the site load faster.


2016-1-11 Science Daily reports that University of Pennsylvania Professor Robert Ghrist has figured out the formula to make mathematics interesting, understandable to non-mathematicians, in language anyone can understand.

2016-1-7 Largest known prime, 49th known Mersenne prime found!

2015-12-17 Mathematical Association of America presents awards for outstanding mathematical research, writing, and teaching.

2015-11-13 The Neoplatonically enlightened published How to Create the Universe, which while it does not have a title referring directly to mathematics, still deals with it significantly (and as the main viewpoint) cosmologically, and more than some of the rest of the God Series ('GS', on mathematics-theism) and is unfortunately the final GS ebook (but the writers have probably written more than almost/any other writers in history, maybe would have to write on graduate-level maths to say more, and deserve a break). If you like this site, you should read that whole and the several associated series.

2015-8-11 The Neoplatonically enlightened published Gödel Versus Wittgenstein ebook... it is highly recommended reading!

2015-7-14 USA won the International Mathematical Olympiad, surprisingly (considering the state of education, etc.) and by 10-8 were 'saluted' by Congress.

2015-6-7 The Neoplatonically enlightened made their new site (its URL... not sure when content appeared) Pythagorean Illuminati. Like this site, it aims to be a guide to (philosophical/ontological) mathematics such as in context of the God Series ('GS', on mathematics-theism) that the site of this news page linked to the early main book The God Equation in a front page image, but more recently, to the site of the Pythagorean Illuminati, whom are the original/ancient/Classical Temple of Mathematics/Mathematicon.

2015-5-27 Winners of the USA Mathematical Olympiad were announced.

2015-4-23 The Massachusetts Institute of Technology team won the 74th annual Putnam competition (now won two years in a row.)

2015-2-15 The Neoplatonically enlightened published Transcendental Mathematics ebook... it is highly recommended reading!

2014-8-12 The 2014 Fields Medal (sort of like a Nobel Prize for mathemaics) winners have been determined, including the first lady winner, Maryam Mirzakhani, and first Latin American winner, Artur Avila.

2014-7-27 The Neoplatonically enlightened published Why Math Must Replace Science ebook, about the mathematical worldview... it is highly recommended reading!

2014-6-23 The inaugural Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics has been awarded to five winners, each recieving $3,000,000.

2014-4-16 Winners of the USA Mathematical Olympiad were announced.

2014-4-8 The Massachusetts Institute of Technology team won the 74th annual Putnam competition.

2014-3-3 The Neoplatonically enlightened published The Mathmos ebook, about the mathematical cosmos... it is highly recommended reading!

2014-1-5 The Neoplatonically enlightened published The Mathematical Universe ebook about the true nature of the universe... it is highly recommended reading!

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2013-8-24 to 29 New t-shirts, etc. available at Mathematicon shop.

2013-8-6 The Mathematical Association of America reported on a article that the Kadison-Singer Conjecture has been proven.

New t-shirts, etc., available at Mathematicon shop.

2013-7-24 Opened the Mathematicon shop for (philosophical) mathematics t-shirts, etc.

2013-7-10 Published site in the morning, GMT, on 698-1-1-1, the first day of the first month of the first year of the 698th Olympiad in the Hellenic Month Established Per Athens (ancient Greek) calendar.