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Welcome to Temple of Mathematics Wiki.

Temple of Mathematics (ToM, Greek ‘Mathematicon’) is a synonym for the mathematicist philosophy/religion of the Pythagorean-Leibnizian Illuminati or Platonic Enlightened Ones, Illumination or Illuminism. ToM Wiki is for academic, philosophical/ontological (Illuminist,) recreational math & math culture, and theory of Platonism/Illumination/etc. (sociopolitical, etc.)

Historical Illumination Text Sources

  • King Solomon The Philosopher (Grand Master of informal Illuminati group.)
  • Orpheus of Pimpleia & Orphism (led to Dionysian Artificers.)
  • Dionysian Artificers (led to Pythagoreanism.)
  • Pythagoras of Samos (philosopher-scientist-mathematician Grand Master) & Pythagoreanism
  • Heraclitus of Ephesus (Grand Master) & Ephesianism (his school of thought.)
  • Empedocles of Acragas (Grand Master) & Pluralism (his school of thought.)
  • Socrates & Plato's (Plato was really named Aristocrates, a philosopher-scientist-mathematician Illuminatus) dialogues (including Republic<i> & <i>Laws.)
  • Aristotle of Stagira & Peripatetism (his school of thought. Such as Organon</i>, first texts on formal logic/reasoning used in philosophy & mathematics.)
  • Simon Magus (Grand Master) & Gnosticism (his school of thought.)
  • Neopythagoreanism (ancient mythos/logos Illumination.)
  • Hermetism (ancient mythos (and logos?) Illumination.)
  • Plotinus' (Grand Master) Enneads & Neoplatonism (his school of thought.)
  • Hypatia of Alexandria (philosopher-scientist-mathematician Grand Master. No known texts survived, but one can read about her.)
  • Robert Grosseteste (philosopher-scientist-mathematician Grand Master.)
  • Paracelsus, PhD's (Grand Master.) Renaissance Humanism.
  • Rene Descartes, BL's Cartesianism (philosopher-scientist-mathematician. One of the four great (rationalist?) idealist/mentalist/spiritualist philosopers along with three Illuminati.)
  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Illuminatus political scientist) & The Social Contract
  • Gottfried Leibniz, PhD (philosopher-scientist-mathematician Grand Master. Mike Hockney's The Science of Monads is a Leibniz's Monadology edition with commentary.)
  • Adam Weishaupt, PhD (Grand Master.)
  • Johann Goethe, LD (artist/writer philosopher-scientist Grand Master.)
  • Georg Hegel, PhD (Grand Master.) & Hegelianism
  • Friedrich Nietzsche, PhD (honorary Illuminatus.) & Nietzscheanism

Contemporary Illumination Text Sources

Hyperreality Books (HB)

  • Mike Hockney (AC/GS)
  • Michael Faust
  • Adam Weishaupt

Hyperborean Publishing (HP, unofficial?)

The Jacobin Foundation (TJF)

  • Ranty McRanterson (Seer of Ranting)

Metamorphosis Publishing (MP)

  • Jack Tanner (Seer of Mathematical Ghosts and Angels)

New Founding Fathers (NFF)

  • Tom Strabo (So Far Right, He's Wrong; Seer of Lunacy)

Nova Books (NB)

  • Joe Dixon (Seer of Wars

New World (NW)

  • Mark Romel (Seer of Unreality)

The Ontological Mathematics Foundation (TOMF)

  • Doctor Thomas Stark

Future Books (FB)

  • Adam Nostra

John Tierney
Harry Knox
Adam Jefferson
Steve Madison
Doctor Cody Newman
Jim Lee
John Crawford
Peter Brennan
Jim Leigh

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